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Vous avez travaillé dur et payé beaucoup d'argent pour sélectionner et installer juste la bonne pierre pour votre projet .  Choisir EV Evolution Polymeric Sand que le produit de qualité supérieure de finition des joints.    

Horizontal or sloped surfaces, residential or high-traffic commercial applications. Stabilizes pavers, prevents erosion, ant hills & weed growth.  It will remain stable and flexible in the most extreme weather conditions and through freeze/thaw.

No dyes or pigments.
No Staining.

All colours of EV Evolution Polymeric Sand are made from source granite and sand colours.  Black comes from black granite, beige from beige, etc. No dyes or pigments are added, thus it won't stain your stone. 

One bag.  
All joints

Specificly engineered to cover joints as large as 4" wide, EV Evolution Polymeric Sand means that landscapers don't have to worry about the small, medium, large limitations of the joint sand.  



Sable Marco is a manufacturer of various bagged products intended for construction, residential and commercial repair. Our company built a solid reputation over the years in the preparation and bagging of a vast line of products such as concrete and mortar mix, decorative stones, top soil, compost, salt and ice melters.


In particular, our EV Evolution Polymeric Sand is one of our strongest lines and stands as a leader in superior perfomance natural stone and paver joint sand.  


Quarried from Canadian granite, ground and mixed with polymers, it is an exceptionally strong yet flexible polymeric sand especially inhospitable to weed growth. 





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Follow these step for a long lasting no-haze, no-stain joint installation

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